We are a team of committed designers with an interest in how things work, and how things could work better, and how to remain original within the precepts of fashion.

We have a shop on Harbour st. in Ramsgate and also go to Paris and London to show at the trade shows, supplying our bags to shops around the world.

We also make bespoke bags from our workshop in Harbour st. and host leather crafting workshops.

We hate plastic, and waste and generally try to be as sustainable as possible.This is one of our guiding principles, as well as keeping our business local, independent and community focused.

We use luxury vegetable tanned leather wherever we can and our current collection is almost entirely made up of planet friendly veg tanned leathers. We use quality vintage cotton fom a selection we have curated over many years.

Our bags are made to last and can be repaired if components wear out. Our design ethos could be summed up in three words, form, function and footprint.