Coco Barclay original designer handbags made in London

about coco barclay

Coco Barclay is a London-based accessories brand with an eye for detail. The company was founded by American milliner Coco who came to London, fell in love and stayed.

The ethos of the brand is integrity and originality.

Coco’s millinery experience can be seen in the innovative designs, which feature feminine folds, sculpted gathers and vintage embellishments. The love of London and the history of England is revealed through details such as antique silver thimbles and Savile Row vintage silk ties.

The brand is fast becoming known for their iconic and original ideas, such as the Glovie frame bag which wittily incorporates a pair of leather gloves onto the bag so that lost gloves are a thing of the past.

Each collection uses only ethically sourced and high grade leathers. Every piece is hand made in the UK.

Each bag has a unique beautiful vintage cotton lining to delight the eye and makes each one special.

The bags are stocked in prestigious stores across the U.K, Europe, and Japan.

Coco Barclay
poms necklace, blues
Coco Barclay
corner tote